Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fancy Doors

All week long I've been admiring doors. I probably look way too long at peoples houses when I drive or walk by...I should probably be careful they don't think I'm some kind of creeper. But doors can be so pretty! Especially in Hawaii, I love all of the hand carved craftsmanship that goes into each individual piece. Driving down Papailoa Road, almost every person has an intricately designed gate or door made from various woods all around Asia and the Pacific.

In fact...Ashton just installed a beautiful Nara Wood (from the Philippines) door for our good friends and I think that's what started this whole kick. Then, as I was reading my daily blog roll, I stumbled upon Katie Carlin's post over at Daily Crush and found these marvelous interior apartment doors (shown above). I just want character like this in my house some day.
Those doors have seen some history.

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Pat said...

Gates ... I love gates. My gate photography made it into a school annual one year as the theme. We need to go on a walk :)