Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everything Coral

I went to a bead show this weekend and could have spent hours digging through all the treasures! I picked out lots of fun beads, pearls, and supplies for more jewelry that I'll be posting very soon! It seemed like everything I was drawn to was coral colored.  Everything I like when I'm shopping, from dresses, to jewelry, to notebooks is coral. Maybe it's because I've really been missing my sweet Grandma lately, I always remember her favorite color being coral.  She had coral EVERYTHING, sweaters, slippers, pillows, jewelry, and nail polish. I used to think she was just using a fancy name for pink, and all I knew was that I loved pink so she must have good taste....but now I see what a fun color coral really is! Great taste Grandma :).  All that to say, I'm sure a lot of the jewelry I'll be making next will have lots of pretty orange and pink coral branches incorporated somehow. Here are some inspiring coral things I've been finding:


Silvia {enmiespaciovital} said...

Ohh, coral is one of my favourite colors... I love it in my wardrobe an also in the fabrics for my home...
Nice blog, good luck with it!!
Kisses from Spain.

featherfactor said...

I love coral :) Thank you for posting this, so lovely <3