Monday, February 14, 2011


It's what everyone is talking about today and so I just have to jump on the bandwagon too! Anthropologie launched their wedding line today: BHLDN! Every woman who loves Anthropologie, whether you're married, single, or engaged, will LOVE's just beautiful and whimsical, as are all their things, but this line is especially pretty. They have dresses, jewelry, accessories, lingerie, and shoes.
Here are my favorites in one complete wedding ensemble:
Cascading Goddess Gown

Cherry Blossom Headwrap

Diamond Dust Sandals

Petaled Topaz Ring


ShaundraO said...

I think I HAVE to have those sandals!

Pat said...

Not sure I like the boddess on the goddess gown, but I simply adore the lower part! I love your taste!