Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'll Be in the Ocean

This is bound to be a good weekend. Four days off from work, and the plan is to be making lots of jewelry and spending my days at the beach and in the water. I plan to be viewing life from this perspective for the next several days:

(Image: Surfermag)

(Image: Roxy)

One of my FAVORITE underwater surf photographers is our local Clark Little. He just opened a gallery in Haleiwa and is incredibly talented. Ashton took me to a photo show of his for my birthday and he did a question and answer time that made me love him even more! He was very humble, friendly, and down to earth, and his story of how he got his start was adorable: His wifey wanted a pretty wave picture to hang in their living room and so he went out in the shore break with a little point and shoot and the product was beautiful! The rest is history....but seriously, check him out!

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