Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Bangles for Friends

My hopes of going to the beach today were a little short lived. Clouds rolled in quicker than I could finish my coffee and it was a fully overcast day. However...that just gave me plenty of time to work on jewelry! I am starting my business by making pretty things for friends that I love, to bless them and tell them how much I appreciate them! Here are the first three:

Shell Bangle for Britt...She has opened up her home to me and has been such a great friend! We always have fun at the beach and hanging out with our boys together. Love you Britt!

This ring is for Britt too! Almost everything she owns is turquoise, aqua, teal, whatever shade you can think of, so this light aqua colored sea glass was perfect for her!

This one is for my sweet friend Jaymee. She is my best friends little sister, but moved out to Hawaii and now we have become good friends! It's been so fun getting to know her, and she is the talented, created, adorable girl who created my blog header! I am so grateful for her friendship and her design skills ;). She'll be launching her own blog and website very soon! I'll keep you posted. If you are interested in having her design something for you, just let me know and I'll get you in touch!

Tomorrow's forecast looks promising...we'll try the beach thing again tomorrow.

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Jaymee said...

kez!! OMG OMG i love it!!! thanks for the shout out too :) you are so sweet and i cant wait to wear my new bangle! xoxo