Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Going to Spoil My Brother's Baby

Today I have been very restless. I think it is because I'm a little homesick for my family. This weekend, my best friend (who also happens to be my sister-in-law...yes I worked my match making skills to my benefit), had her baby shower and I couldn't be there! I so wish that I could have been there to see all the fun little miniature things she got. I can not tell you how excited I am to see this little human come into the world, to hug them and kiss them, and take them on adventures with me. I've been praying for this little one since he/she was about the size of a jelly bean. Not only is it my brother's baby, my own flesh and blood, but it is also my best friend's baby, and I get to watch her grow into a beautiful mommy.

Because they are not finding out the sex of the baby, I affectionately call the little one "Peanut". Now, I have warned Peanut's parent ahead of time...the child is going to be spoiled rotten because of me. I will be the coolest Auntie EVER. It's a little stifling not knowing if Peanut is a boy or girl, but don't worry, I haven't let that stop me. I have already picked out the most adorable little Patagonia mittens, and these are the things next on my list:

(Image: Pilland)

(Image: Hunter boots)

(Image: ShakShuka)

(Image: Minnetonka booties from Mocassins Direct)

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Jaymee said...

this is adorable! i want those baby hunter rainboots. will you be my auntie too?? :)