Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morocco Adventure

I went to Morocco once, but it was only for one day. However, it has stuck in my mind with images of brightly colored walls, tea, music, and bustling bazaars. I have wanted to go back ever since, there is bound to be months and months worth of adventures for me there; surfing, exploring the markets, having tea with shop owners, teaching English, finding beads for my jewelry, learning Arabic, painting, wandering, and enjoying good food!
Hold me to it friends...I will go back.

Here's one of my favorite pictures I took from the first go around. Don't you just want to wander through the streets and tiny passageways?
Tangier, Morocco

Here are some pretty Moroccan inspiration pictures for you:

Moroccan Lanterns by Viva Terra

Rug by Horchow

I'll wear this:
Go Together Well Maxi Dress by FreePeople

And this:
Lucky Brand Gold Cuff via Shopstyle

I'll eat this:
Couscous...Yum. Image: Microwave Recipe

Drink this:
Moroccan Mint Tea Image: Hostess Blog

I'll sit on lots of these:

And I will sleep here:
Image found at Espacio Vital. It's a beautiful blog with pictures of rustic and bohemian interiors. I got lost in these images for almost an hour! Definitely worth adding to your Google Reader!
(Google will translate it into English for you)

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Pat said...

dreamy ... exotic ... I like!