Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Inspiration

(Image: Cutest Food)

I am not normally into Valentine's Day, but today my heart melted and I became a romantic. I am a preschool teacher for two and three year old children and today I witnessed one of the most precious moments I have seen as a teacher. One of my little girls, we'll call her Ashley, was waiting at the top of the slide with a little boy, who we'll call Max. Max jumped down the slide ready to go, but Ashley was calling after him ever so dramatically, "Max!! Wait! Don't go with out me! Max! Wait....I LOVE YOU!!!". She said this with the most genuine, passionate cry I have ever come out of a two year old and both myself and the other teacher who witnessed it just fell into fits of laughter. It was beautiful....and she meant it with all her heart, so I am officially inspired to celebrate this holiday of love.

We are having a Valentine's party in my class and asked the kids what they would like to have at their party. The list:

-heart shaped egg sandwiches
-a piƱata!

I'll be sure to post pictures of our little celebration. I'll have to keep my eye on Ashley and Max. ;)

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Jaymee said...

kezz!! i love your blog! you are too cute!! seee you on sunday my love. p.s. this story made me die a little inside. adorable!