Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally...some new Jewelry!

I have stayed busy this week with lots of orders, and have been doing mostly custom jewelry for friends and new contacts as well.  It's been really fun to design and fit things perfectly for each person.  However, it was my Spring break from work this week, and I was able to make several pieces to begin building up my inventory!   Contact me for prices if you are interested in purchasing one of these or something custom: 
 Here are a few of the things that 
I have available for purchase right now:
 Suspended Cowry Shells

 Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings

Dangling Coral

Mini Cone Shell Pendant

 White Cone Shell Bangle

Simple  Loop Necklace (This is a short chain)


Kristen said...

you are SO talented! your jewelry is amazing! i love it all and it just has your name written all over it!!!

miss you girl!

Pat said...

My favorite is the Suspended Cowry Shells and Dangling Coral ... stunning stuff! Can I buy some?

Pat said...

And I also LOVE the Starfish & Coral Charm bracelet!