Thursday, March 17, 2011

On a Bag Hunt

Came to town with Ashton today...One of my rare days of actually leaving the North Shore, but I am determined to find a new bag.  I have always had bags from Forever 21, (which I love), but as everyone knows, after about 3 months the faux leather starts to peel off the handle, and holes appear on the bottom. They just can't handle what I put them through, lugging around my laptop, journal, bible, books, sarong, and pockets full of shells.  I think it's time to step into woman-hood and get a "real" purse, leather and all.  Here's a few I've been looking at online, but who knows what I'll find today.  Usually I take months to find something that I have a particular picture of in my mind.  It has to fit me perfectly :).
 Which one do you like?


Jaymee said...

get the miu miu one! so freakin cute.

Pat said...

I say Anthropologie ... hands down!