Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oooh Idaho

My little niece or nephew is going to be born in just 19 days and I can't wait!  Thinking about going home and getting to see family has made me really homesick for my good ol' Idaho.  I've been thinking lots about.....

Coffee and good conversations with my best friend

We don't have Anthropologie in Hawaii, it's a shame I tell you....a shame

Hiking in Idaho: your body being a little bit hot, but your cheeks being red and frozen
Barbacoa.  Probably my favorite restaurant ever.  It burned down in a fire last year and I literally cried, BUT it's back and I'm ready to go when I go home :)

 My sweet puppy, Liko 
 My big bro....sitting at the cabin, reading a book, and hearing him play all my favorite songs on the guitar
 Wearing about 8,000,000 layers to try to stay warm
Staying up WAY too late having a glass of wine and talking about everything in life with my mom and pops

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ShaundraO said...

We can't wait to see you!!