Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Joined a Club

Ever since I first moved to Hawaii back in 2003, I have wanted to start paddling outrigger canoes.  Well....I can officially check that off my "Do Before You Die Checklist."  Yesterday, my roomie Britt and I went to check it out at the first practice, and I LOVED it.  I was a little nervous.  These chicks are ripped and powerful, and I am scrawny and look like a twelve year old (according to the lady I met last year on a chairlift who so kindly informed me of this).  However, I learned that you don't need as much upper body strength as I thought.  The power is actually all in your legs as you propel your body forward and back to move the paddle through the water.  All this to say, my buns are sore today, my obliques got a nice workout, I got to be out on the ocean for an hour and a half, and I think I will enjoy this sport!
It's an excuse to get out in the water several times a week, allow me to meet more beautiful people living on the North Shore, and get a work out while I'm at it! 
The Mission Statement of the club is inspiring and powerful too:
Pupukahi I Holomua
(Working together in order to progress)
 I couldn't be more excited to have joined the North Shore Canoe Club
Georgina M. Hunter at My Maui Blog (Has a great site about real estate on Maui)

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Pat said...

So awesome ... I'm with you!