Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's SPRING BREAK!  I had been counting down the days, and it's finally here.  It got off to a bit of rocky start with our Tsunami scare and all....but nevertheless, I'm ready to enjoy the ocean, time spent with God, paddling, lots of jewelry making, painting, and BBQs with friends.

I started the morning off at outrigger paddling practice. I've been loving paddling!  It is so great to be consistently out in the water, enjoying how beautiful Hawaii is, but also getting an incredible work out while I'm at it.  I got myself some neoprene paddling shorts, but I keep finding cute workout gear that I'd love to have as well.  Definitely not a necessity, but it'd be nice to at least look cute while you are working up a sweat right? Roxy has a really cute new Athletix line, and here are some others I've been finding and loving:
Forever 21

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