Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Missing Good Coffee Shops

 I've gotten all settled here in Salt Lake City, Utah with my big bro and sister in law (did I mention that my best friend from college married my big's a girls dream come true.  And no, it's not weird...I LOVE it.)  I had forgotten how beautiful of a city Salt Lake is.  The mountains are snowcapped and seem close enough to touch, the buildings have so much character, and there are tons of cute little neighborhoods and districts full of little bungalow style houses. My brother has been such a great host, taking me around to all of his favorite coffee shops and restaurants.  Today we took a walk down to the train line, hopped on, and rode downtown to an adorable "Anthropologie-ish" coffee shop called the Rose Establishment.  It was full of rustic and natural decor that looked as if it was a display in one of their stores.  That's one thing I truly miss about living in the Northwest...really good coffee shops with unique style and freshly roasted espresso.  

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