Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quick Days Back Home

I can not fully express how nice it has been to be home with my parents.  Right when I arrived they took me to a Starbucks.  Next we went and had breakfast at a little French cafe in Boise called Le Cafe De Paris...very good food and everything you eat is pretty.  Next, my mom and I did a power shopping outing.  No one is a better  shopping partner than my mamma. I got lots of things to display my jewelry at my upcoming jewelry party (pictures soon) and then went to a "shoe event" at Dillards.   Here's what I found: Adorable Gianni Bini Sandals.  
That evening we went to my most favorite restaurant, Barbacoa. This place has the funkiest, most eclectic style, and it's a mix of Chilean, Spanish, and Southwestern flair.  It's got incredible guacamole that they make right in front of you, fun appetizers, and great deals for happy hour. The crazy story behind this restaurant that makes me love it even more is this; about a year and a half ago it burned down completely after a supposed kitchen fire, but the owner kept all of his employees and paid them during the rebuilding, and asked the new contractor to hire his employees for the remodel so that they would remain working.  He really took care of his employees and rebuilt the same restaurant with the crazy style and vibe that everyone in Boise loved. I'm SO glad it's back and that I got to go while I was home! Check out their website to view some of the pictures of the new and improved Barbacoa.

Today I met a good friend for coffee and got to catch up with my old baristas, then enjoyed a beautiful hike with my parents.  For dinner we made grilled ahi steak with a wasabi cream sauce, rice, and shrimp butter cabbage salad.  Whenever I'm home I get to enjoy the best food, wine, and cheese that my body could handle.  Thanks mom and dad :).

Tomorrow I'm off to see my little nephew!

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