Friday, April 8, 2011

Living on the North Shore we are surrounded by A LOT of Brazilians.  How is it possible that every one of them seems to be so beautiful?! Male and me, they ooze style and I love how it is so effortless. When I think of Brazil I think; beach, vibrant culture, bright colors, tans, jungle, fresh fruit, and music.  In designing jewelry these next few weeks, I am definitely going to be inspired by the Brazilians and their beachy  laid back style.  I'm thinking lots of gold, shells, and bright colors.  
Ashton and I played a game a few weeks ago:  Our top three places to go next.  Mine were:

1.  Brazil (Because every Brazilian I know is so full of energy and life, it's contagious)
2.  India (Because I loved going to Pakistan and Nepal and it's sandwiched right in between. I'm bound to love it too).  
3.  Saudi Arabia (Because it's dangerous).....sorry mom.

What are your top three destinations to go to next?

Here's my Brazil inspiration for the day:

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Pat said...

Scotland (Because that's where Mark's family is from, and it feels mystical)

Jamaica (my roots ... exotic)

Rotan (and island off British Honduras ... McNab family intrigue is buried there)