Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a Boy!

I'm so sorry I have been absent for a few days! It has been quite the busy week for me.  This weekend I had an amazing paddling practice, in which they dropped us off in the middle of the ocean and we had to wait for the outrigger to paddle up so we could jump in.  Then, I attempted my first ever biscuits and gravy for Ashton.  We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, and this was his even though I have only ever had them once in my life, and they are probably the least appetizing thing to me on a menu, I made them just for him.  But only because I like him so much :).  (They turned out ok!)  That evening, we had a big BBQ with all of his friends and celebrated his 30th year on earth!  I knew that he was really missing friends and family from Colorado so I put together a book full of pictures and messages from all of them back home.  All of his loved ones really rallied together to do this for him, it was so sweet!  Sunday was just what I needed....a long sunny day at the beach.  I came home with bags full of shells and a sun burn....and I couldn't ask for much more!

So with all of this goodness going on, it gets even better.  MY BEST FRIEND/SISTER-IN-LAW/AND BROTHER HAD THEIR BABY!!!  My little peanut is a boy :). Weston.   I got to talk to my brother just minutes after he was born and he had to set the phone down, so all I could hear was his tiny little cry and it was the most beautiful sound in the world...I got all choked up and realized that this is my own flesh and blood, and he is MY little nephew.  I love him already.   And let me tell you friends.....he is perfect, absolutely stinking perfect.  He has the sweetest little mouth, brown hair, and olive colored skin.  At first I was so sad that I missed it, because I was supposed to be there for the delivery, but now I'm stoked because I get a whole week to hug him and cuddle him, all to myself with out having to fight off the grandparents.  Now that I know it's a boy, I can really spoil him from that wishlist I put together last month!

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