Monday, May 16, 2011

Cowboys and Indians First Birthday

Yesterday afternoon Ashton and I went to the cutest one year old's birthday party.  The whole house was decked out in western style and everyone dressed up in their best cowboy or Indian attire.  All the little kiddies looked so adorable and the food was delicious! (Homemade veggie chili, ribs, shave ice, and lemonade). The house was tucked back up in the hills in Pupukea and had a killer view all the was down to the ocean.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon...good food, cute kids, and fun with friends.
Check out these bad boys I made for the party (it only took me like three hours haha....still working on my baking skills)

 Birthday Boy:  Judah

 Butterfly...(yes that's her name) admiring the flowers and talking to the goats

 Pretty Aria...model in the making? I think so...

 Me with Judah's Mamma Nakeli

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Pat said...

Decorating a cake is next ... can't wait to see it :)